Zaroorat Season 2 Palang Tod Ullu Web Series Watch Online, Cast, Release Date

The latest Ullu app release is Zaroorat Season 2 Palang Tod. In the web series, Savita, employed at the house of paralyzed Kamlesh, finds several ways to exploit the situation. There are four lead actors in Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2: Sharanya Jit Kaur, Neeraj Singh Rajput, Ravi Mishra, and Vaidehee Bhave.

ULLU is one of the top trending OTT platforms in India where you can find endless web series and movies on a variety of topics, such as drama, horror, suspense, thriller, and more. Sharanya Jit Kaur, the lead actress in the web series, received many positive comments for her captivating beauty.

Zaroorat Season 2 Palang Tod Ullu Web Series Watch Online, Cast, Release Date

It has been created primarily for young Indian audiences who enjoy such engaging drama web series with timely erotica.

The Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 web series has been directed by YKO. We discussed other recent releases of ULLU, including Khoon Bhari Maang Part 2, Matki Part 2, Matki Part 1, Khoon Bhari Maang Part 1, Chawl House 3, etc. The release date for Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 is 30 August 2022.

Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 Cast

  • Sharanya Jit Kaur – Savita 
  • Neeraj Singh Rajput – Ganesh 
  • Ravi Mishra – Kamlesh
  • Vaidehee Bhave – Tejaswini

Sharanya Jit Kaur plays her character in Savita in an interesting manner in the web series, which covers a variety of elements, such as passionate scenes. It is anticipated that Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 will be a huge success and will receive positive feedback from viewers.

Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 Story

Previously, Palang Tod web series gained fame and criticism for the plot of its previous seasons. As the next season unfolds, we will see what happens when seemingly powerful characters face new challenges and try to conceal their mistakes.

As the story begins, Savita is living a pathetic life with her husband, who never receives any attention despite having an attractive body type. Her husband’s lack of financial support and attention leads her to do household chores for paralyzed Kamlesh.

After Kamlesh accidentally touches her cleavage one day during their normal routine, she notices sudden movements in his body. As a result of this little accident, several things will occur, including the connecting of the two hearts as well as the creation of fantasies.

The web series follows the thread and may take the viewers on a journey of Sharanya Jeet Kaur and Kamlesh’s love chemistry where they attempt things one could never expect.

Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 Web Series Details

  • Director – YKO
  • Genre – Romance, Fantasy, Erotic, Drama
  • Type – Web Series
  • OTT Release – ULLU
  • Language – Hindi
  • Release Date – 30 August 2022
  • Country – India

Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 Sharanya Jit Kaur Ullu Web Series

Sharanya Jit Kaur has been cast in the lead role of Ullu’s upcoming web series Zaroorat 2. As part of the web series, the actress will portray her bold character Savita along with other actors. Her growing fame and name in the web series may soon lead to her appearing in Ullu’s next projects.

Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 Trailer

Ullu recently released the trailer for the Palang Tod web series Zaroorat 2, which received over 470k views on YouTube alone. Providing an insight into what is to come in the upcoming season, the teaser trailer for the series promises a satisfying conclusion at the end. Kamlesh and Savita will explore several unique methods of gaining pleasure and gratification.

Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 Release Date and Time

This web series will be released on 30 August 2022 at midnight on the Ullu app and website. By paying the required charges, anyone can view Zaroorat Season 2 in its entirety. The next season of Palang Tod will premiere at its usual time.

Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 Watch Online

The next season of the Palang Tod web series has been announced by Ullu. As well as Sharanya J Kaur and Ravi Mishra, other actors appear in the film. By subscribing to Ullu’s premium service, you can watch Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 online.

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