Watch Online Matki Part 2 Ullu Web Series

By: Deep

The Ullu App recently announced the release date of Matki Part 2 featuring Priya Gamre, Palak Singh, and Ankita Bhattacharya.

The web series was originally called Mohan Ka Gaanv, but was later changed by the creators.

Ullu App has once again made its mark among the country's top OTT platforms with the release of Matki Part 2.

A web series called Talking Matki Part 1 has already been launched on the Ullu App.

Matki Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast : Priya Gamre for Bindu, Ankita Bhattacharya for Naukrani, Palak Singh for Mitali, Bhanu Surya for Mohan, Anupam Gahoi for Girdhari

Ullu App released the trailer for Matki Part 2 a few days ago and received a moderate response.

The Matki Ullu web series revolves around a family based in a rural area with Mohan as both lead and strong character.

Since Mohan lives most of his days in the city, he wants to take time off to spend time with his family.