Paglet Primeplay Web Series “Know Everything”

Primeplay will release its latest web series, Paglet, on its platform on August 26, 2022. In this web series, young adults are portrayed as they fantasize about getting attention from their bhabhis or aunties. Rajni Mehta, Dev Dehman, Navin Kumar, and Jaishree play the lead roles in the Paglet web series.

Primeplay has once again demonstrated its position as the best OTT platform in India by releasing such an alluring web series.

Moreover, it recently announced the release of their next web series titled Charam Yog, another one with a captivating and thrilling plot.

Paglet Web Series Cast

  • Navin Kumar
  • Rajni Mehta
  • Dev Dehman
  • Jaishree

Paglet Web Series Story

It features Rajni Mehta and Jaishree in the lead roles, playing their characters as ‘Bhabhi’. Tinku is the protagonist of the story, who is either mentally challenged or pretends to be in order to gain the attention of his Bhabhi and Aunty. In order to sleep with them, he is willing to go beyond his limits and do whatever it takes to satisfy his obsession with their beauty. This web series is one of the few that has the power to break Indian social norms and is presented in the form of a spicy drama series.

This web series trailer was released recently and received great feedback from audiences as both lead actresses delivered stunning performances, making it one of Primeplay’s most viewed web series.

Talking creators have carefully selected to narrate the story in a typical manner, thus making it one of the most popular series on Primeplay. Throughout the entire Paglet web series, there are engaging, thrilling, and yet intimate scenes.

Paglet Web Series Details, Release Date

Title – PAGLET
Director – Not Updated
Genre – Fantasy, Romance, Erotic, Drama
Type – Web Series
OTT Release – Primeplay
Language – Hindi
Country – India
Release Date – August 26, 2022

Paglet Web Series Watch Online

A web series titled Paglet will be released on Primeplay on August 26, 2022. Subscribing to its premium version allows viewers to watch online and download the complete web series. Rajni Mehta and Jaishree have been praised for their outstanding performances as Aunty and Bhabhi in the web series. As Paglet Tinku reveals his true nature and reveals whether or not he is mentally ill, it will be interesting to see what twists and turns the story will take.

That’s all for today! The Primeplay app allows you to watch all episodes of the Paglet web series online. In the meantime, please share your experience in the comment section. Don’t forget to mention your favorite actor and the scene in the web series you liked the most.

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