Aliya Naaz Web Series List

Aliya Naaz web series List: Aliya Naaz rose to prominence within a few releases. With her appearances in Ullu web series, Primeshots web series, and more, she remains in the trend.

As a glamorous actress, she is currently one of the highest-paid celebrities, charging a reasonable amount for her praised aesthetic and body figure.

We have prepared a list of Aliya Naaz hot web series in which she has received the highest ratings and reviews. Watch Aliya Naaz web series online on Ullu, Primeshots, and other OTT platforms.

Mrs Teacher 

Aliya Naaz is a versatile actress who can play with the same emotions and concerns no matter what character she plays.

Mrs Teacher plays a teacher who provides tuition to students in the web series. Having failed twice in 12th class and having no hope of passing this year too, Ankur discovers new ways to make studying enjoyable as he attends Aliya Naaz’s tuition classes. Ankur’s teacher and he alone know what changed him.

In addition, Mrs Teacher has come in two seasons with good ratings. Ankur is one of those who fell in love with Aliya Naaz instantly.

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Mrs Teacher 2

Mrs Teacher Primshots is a popular and highly in-demand web series. Mrs Teacher 2 continues the story of Ankur and Aliya Naaz’s interaction with the introduction of new characters.

The teacher controls her students and manipulates them for her own benefit. To regain her lost youth, she discovers new things about them and uses them to achieve pleasure and satisfaction.

Ayesha Kapoor and Aliya Naaz star in the web series. Both actresses perform stunningly, making it one of Primeshot’s most popular series. Subscribing to the platform’s premium version lets you watch Mrs teacher 2 complete episodes online.

Here’s Aliya Naaz’s best web series list, which features her hot appearances and captivating beauty. Watch them and explore more on your own.

Shaukeen Uncle

Primeshots is likely to know what this young Indian audience wants. Aliya Naaz and Ashok Kalra fill the Shaukeen Uncle web series with their timely erotic scenes.

The web series starts with an uncle who easily gets annoyed by his neighbor boys. He brings a new girl to his house who is paid to act as his girlfriend and make those boys jealous.

As the uncle demands romance and is willing to go further for big pay and gifts, the story takes several turns. As of now, there is only one season of the web series.

Bahu Jaan

Bahu Jaan Primeshots is a web series about a father-in-law and daughter-in-law who live in a fantasy world. Aliya Naaz plays Bahu Jan in the romantic and suspenseful story. Primeshots offers all episodes of Bahu Jaan web series online.

Seal 4

Aliya Naaz and Ayesha Kapoor both give nail-biting performances in Seal 4. This web series promises to appeal to all audiences. Since its release, the web series has been in high demand because of her attractive and distracting beauty.

Andha Dhundh

Andha Dhundh Primeshots remains one of the most talked about web series. It has 1 season and 2 episodes, so you can add it to your watchlist if you’d like to see how powerful a story can be with Aliya Naaz leading the way.

Andha Dhundh is available on Primeshots. Featuring crime, fantasy, romance, and thriller, the series is best suited for Hindi viewers who are interested in Aliya Naaz’s captivating body.


It stars Aliya Naaz as Sangeeta in Ullu app’s Choodiwala web series. Set in a rural village, the web series is not your typical bangle story. Through the entire plot, one can find themselves totally captivated and hard to resist.

Murari, who seems to be a normal working man selling bangles in the village, has many secrets. He also secretly provides physical pleasures to his customers while selling bangles inside houses.

You can watch online Choodiwala web series all episodes on Ullu. The series follows Murari’s interaction with women, including Sangeeta (Aliya Naaz).

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